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Illuminations Announces GM Raymond Lo to Visit in April

By | Jun 24, 2015

Dubai, Abu Dhabi (PRWEB) March 15, 2013

Raymond Lo is a Feng Shui Master with a reputation that is unsurpassed. His names come before his resume these days, as people all over the world gain knowledge of his work first hand through his schools, training centers and traveling workshops, held all over the world. He will be coming to Illuminations to host a series of seminars and workshops during April.

Mr. Lo was born in Hong Kong, and went on to graduate with a social science degree from the University of Hong Kong. He then began to seek what he calls “the truth” and this searching led him to Chinese metaphysics which has carved out his place as a consultant and teacher with people from all over the world. He has even set up a school of Feng Shui and Destiny which offers in depth training for those who are on the path of feng shui. Many of the graduates who have worked directly with him have went on to become very well known and acclaimed writers, teachers and practitioners in their own right.

Mr. Lo has appeared on numerous television shows, including : ABC’s “Good Morning America”, BBC’s “Wicker’s World”, Australian TV “Today Show”, Discovery Channel’s “Feng Shui Makeover”, CNN’s “Tech Watch” and Chinese new year interviews.

He has also written a newspaper column for the Hong Kong Standard, as well as several popular Feng Shui books in English and Chinese, which have enjoyed worldwide popularity. He was lecturer at the School of Professional and Continual Education at the University of Hong Kong, consultant to the Hong Kong Tourist Board for their Feng shui lectures and tours, as well as consultant for the Peninsula Hotel’s Peninsula Academy, and SCMP.com’s annual feng shui forecasts.

As well as Raymond Lo, Illuminations also welcomes Umesh Nandwani and Vanya Silverton, amongst others to their center in Dubai for a host of workshops. The series of workshops come as part of Illuminations aim to bring global healers to Dubai, and to bring the best and most experienced therapists to the center.

Illuminations work on the basis that an individual must be treated as such, and treated holistically using a range of techniques over time in a supportive environment. They believe their approach, whilst not replacing traditional western medicine, can add to, enhance, and sometimes replace it, adding benefit and perceived benefit to the client, helping to reduce stress and symptoms.

Through their center in Dubai and through their partnership working across a number of platforms, Illuminations offer Daily Meditations, Holistic Training Programs, Private Consultations and Holistic Products. Their new website is being launched soon, which will offer clients the access to all information and tips from the organization, as well as the ability to make booking and purchases through the site. This will combine with their social media outreach across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Meetup. They have established a fun and quirky approach to social media and work daily on these platforms to update their clients in a new and fun way.

Illuminations work was borne out of a growing desire by people to need support to look within themselves for the answers and guidance to support them to live happier more peaceful lives. Illuminations understand the importance of supporting this personal journey and offer a full range of holistic services for clients, yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy, feng shui, astrology, truly creating a space where everyone can find a suitable method of unlocking their true potential.

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Astro Clairvoyant Norah Guide for Premium Astrology Launches Blog Course on Palmistry

By | Jun 23, 2015

Phoenix, Arizona (PRWEB) March 15, 2013

Astro-Clairvoyant Norah Guide with Premium Astrology has been working for decades with her own inner psychic abilities to provide advice and predictions for people all over the world. In addition to these gifts, Norah Guide uses her astrological wisdom to make forecasts with remarkable reliability, whether she’s talking about what might happen today or what can be expected in someone’s Solar Return year ahead. While she has been helping many of her satisfied clients for years, it is a gift that she has been using since as far back as she can remember, to childhood when her mother would help her learn how to understand and relate to the cosmic events in the skies and their effects on our day to day lives. Norah Guide knows the importance and the power of information in our lives, and works every day to help people get closer to their own portals of information by helping people understand and harness their own inner psychic abilities, while better comprehending the role that astrology plays in the universe as a whole.

From wish tips to tarot readings Norah Guide offers an abundance of tips on a daily basis on how to tap into that inner psychic. Now for the first time ever she is taking her teaching to an all new level by launching a brand new blog discussion series on the ancient art of palm reading. Norah will talk about how this field has been in existence for longer than the field of science itself, and how palm reading has been providing answers for thousands of years. She will take her readers by the hand to show them what the lines mean, and how they can use this information to achieve abundance and success in their lives. Of course everybody’s experience with the art of palm reading will be different, but the discussion resource that Norah is providing is coming at no cost and no risk to all of her readers and friends.

Other topics covered will include frequently asked questions, which hand to use in palm reading, how palm reading differs from psychic abilities, and so much more. Topics such as the relationship line in the palms will receive its own feature article. As always readers are encouraged to send in their questions about palm reading and Norah promises they may even see their own personal question in a feature article.

By showing others how to harness those inner psychic abilities in conjunction with a basic comprehension of daily astrological data, Norah Guide believes that many can get closer to understanding their true potential and true purpose. As such, this is a topic she regularly covers on her blogs and social media platforms to help others on their individual journey of discovering their true potential.

While not everybody will be able to tap into their own inner psychic abilities at the same rates as others, Norah Guide’s comprehensive series of blogs and social media pages will certainly help others become more awakened to the process as they walk further on their own individual path of spiritual enlightenment. For those that are unavailable to connect with Norah Guide when she is online, Premium Astrology offers full support with live chat twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and efficient email support to ensure nobody is left waiting for the answers and service they require for complete customer satisfaction.


Premium Astrology is proud to have had the privilege of helping men and women all over the world enhance the quality of their lives through services of spiritual enlightenment. Premium Astrology provides fast and reliable astrological reports and a wide variety of other services through the experience of Astro-Clairvoyant Norah Guide. The individual success of each of their clients is their highest priority, and Premium Astrology is available to provide live support twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.

Astro-Clairvoyant Norah Guide for Premium Astrology Now Providing No Cost Personal Tarot Readings on Google+

By | Jun 22, 2015

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) March 16, 2013

Astro-Clairvoyant Norah Guide with Premium Astrology has been working in the field of spiritual enlightenment since long before the term became one of today’s popular buzz words. For decades, Norah Guide has been using her astrological wisdom combined with divination tools and her inner psychic abilities to help men and women all over the globe achieve abundance and prosperity in their lives. For Norah Guide, a reading or report is not simply a churning of birth date information to come up with a symbolic response for one of her client’s lives. Norah Guide knows the quest for spiritual enlightenment goes well beyond that, and it is her personal mission to support as many as possible on that path.    

As such, Norah Guide has been offering tarot readings on her Google+ page to her readers at no additional cost. Until now, however, Norah has only been providing general readings to the public, with everyone in her Google+ audience getting the same general reading every day. Now, Norah is taking those readings to the next level during Reader’s Appreciation Month and is willing to provide each of her Google friends their own personal tarot reading.

Norah Guide affirms that seeking spiritual support in this day and age is a sign of a new awakening on this plane. She contends that the quest for enlightenment that has grown on this planet is just the beginning. This is precisely why Norah Guide has dedicated her Google+ page to discuss significance of symbolism in people’s lives through her tarot readings. This year Norah has been taking her Google readers on an in-depth exploration of the tarot. She first studied each of the suits with her readers and is now taking her friends on a journey through the Major Arcana. All of these readings are provided at no extra cost to her friends. And now, Norah is adding to these daily readings with readings that are personal to as many of her friends as possible.

Norah Guide’s Google+ page is only one of the many platforms she utilizes in order to help others on their journey of enlightenment. In addition to her daily Tarot card readings at Google+, Norah Guide offers six additional social media platforms to connect with her readers. She also maintains an intricate eight blogs series, where she takes her readers and friends through the many, many levels and stages of spiritual enlightenment and development of their own inner psychic abilities. Every blog and every social media page offers a different perspective on this complex but joy-filled quest for enlightenment. Whether one is interested in the Daily Tarot at Google+, or is interested in channeling their own psychic abilities, Norah Guide offers a comprehensive walk through each of her pages for those engaging in this age of awakening. When Norah is unable to meet or connect directly online, Premium Astrology provides live Customer Support 24/7 online, or toll-free Monday through Friday.

Premium Astrology is proud to have had the privilege of helping men and women all over the world enhance the quality of their lives through services of spiritual enlightenment. Premium Astrology provides fast and reliable astrological reports and a wide variety of other services through the experience of Astro-Clairvoyant Norah Guide. The individual success of each of their clients is their highest priority, and Premium Astrology is available to provide live support twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.

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Astro-Clairvoyant Norah Guide with Premium Astrology to Launch New Blog Series on Jupiter Transits and Jupiter Returns

By | Jun 21, 2015

Phoenix, Arizona (PRWEB) March 18, 2013

Astro-Clairvoyant Norah Guide with Premium Astrology provides transit period guides, astrological reports, daily forecasts, and a wide variety of other sources of information and services to clients seeking information and enlightenment in their lives through the field of astrology. Norah Guide’s experience in the field of predicting and forecasting using astrological events has been proven reliable time and time again. Norah Guide applies the art of astrology that has been used for centuries with her own wisdom and experience in the field to support the needs of her clients, readers, and friends seeking enlightenment in their lives. One of the services provided by Premium Astrology and Norah Guide is the service of a transit period guide. Whether a client is seeking more information on what a transit period is, or wants a more detailed report on their own critical transit periods, Norah Guide and Premium Astrology offer the services and products to meet every need for those seeking more information on transit periods.

There is a large body of both anecdotal and quantitative evidence to indicate that transit periods can represent significant areas of change for an individual, or for their lives. While not every astrologer will use transit period information to provide insight into the charts of their clients, Norah Guide believes transit period information is very helpful in supporting the needs of her clients. A transit period is defined as the period that occurs when a planet makes a significant transit in an individual’s chart. The outer planets that are located beyond the asteroid belt Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, are the planets offering the most significance in terms of their transit periods or transit returns. Because these planets require more time to make their transit through each of the astrological signs of the zodiac, when they make a return in an individual’s chart to the time of birth it denotes a potential area of significant change for the individual in question.

The “Saturn Return” is just one example of a significant transit period, and marks the period of an individual’s life when the planet Saturn returns to the sign it was in at the time of the person’s birth. For Saturn specifically, a Saturn Return is expected every thirty years of an individual’s life, thus making their 30th year and 60th year of life significant in terms of long lasting changes potentially taking place.

The Jupiter Return specifically is an exciting one for many as Jupiter is the all knowing planet and the all encompassing planet of luck. By knowing how Jupiter transits in one’s own individual chart they might better be able to make predictions for themselves on their luckiest opportunities in life. As such, Norah Guide is bringing this knowledge directly to her fans and friends in an all new blog series on the Jupiter Return and the multiple Jupiter transits in day to day life.

Norah Guide and Premium Astrology offer an abundance of sources of information and services to clients requesting more information on their own specific transit periods. From detailed transit period guides and astrological reports to general information about what the specific transit periods are, Norah Guide and Premium Astrology offer a level of commitment and support to each of their clients seeking this information that surpasses the level of many organizations providing similar services. Clients and friends seeking more information on transit periods can follow Norah Guide on any of her blogs and through Norah Guide’s social media platform for general information, or visit Premium Astrology to discover how to get access to their own individual transit periods. As this is an area that could hold much uncertainty and confusion to those reading the guides, Premium Astrology offers 24/7 live customer support through their Client Care Specialists team in their efforts to support each of their customers and readers on their path to success and enlightenment.


Premium Astrology is proud to have had the privilege of helping men and women all over the world enhance the quality of their lives through services of spiritual enlightenment. Premium Astrology provides fast and reliable astrological reports and a wide variety of other services through the experience of Astro-Clairvoyant Norah Guide. The individual success of each of their clients is their highest priority, and Premium Astrology is available to provide live support twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.

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Psychic Source Advisors Increasingly Active on Social Media

By | Jun 20, 2015

Langhorne, PA (PRWEB) March 18, 2013

Teens do it. Housewives do it. Movie stars do it. And increasingly psychics are doing it. What is “it” this time? Connecting on social media.

In just the last year, use of social media by professional psychics at Psychic Source, the most respected psychic service since 1989, has exploded with tweeting, pinning, posting, and every conceivable social media activity – including psychic readings on Facebook. As a result of its concerted efforts and growing ranks of online groupies, last week Psychic Source reached a Facebook milestone, surpassing the 5000-follower mark. And the “likes” just keep rolling in.

“Social media platforms provide a fantastic opportunity to engage customers outside of the usual psychic reading, to reinforce the Psychic Source culture and commitment to a positive, supportive, inspiring experience, while building brand loyalty and creating a better overall experience for customers,” says Psychic Source Marketing Director, Maryanne Fiedler.

It might seem counter-intuitive for expert psychics who specialize in spiritual connections to embrace social media “sharing.” Surprisingly, many of the professionals at Psychic Source say it’s just the opposite: Social media platforms are great for connecting with customers and even for psychic readings.

“Just like we connect with customers by phone and online chat, we can transfer these abilities while doing special events on Facebook,” says Psychic Paige. “We use the same skills of clairvoyance and intuition to make the connection.”

While personalized readings are not conducted via social media, the psychics do special events to engage with customers through yet another channel.

Plus, connecting with customers on social media is a great way to get more, rather than less, personal. Curious about a psychic’s favorite foods? His taste in clothes? Her cuddly pets? All of these are revealed on the Pinterest boards maintained by Psychic Source psychics. But that’s not all. “We offer events and promotions exclusively on Facebook, which attract many followers,” says Ms. Fiedler. “And once a customer joins our online community, there are so many more reasons to stay involved.”

About Psychic Source:

Founded in 1989, Psychic Source is the nation’s oldest and most respected psychic service. Psychic Source’s advisors are experts in astrology, horoscopes, numerology, tarot cards, clairvoyant readings, and many other psychic disciplines. Psychic Source believes in its community of authentic Psychics and stands behind the authentic psychic readings they deliver to clients. Visit them online at http://www.psychicsource.com.

For more information, contact:

Maryanne Fiedler, Marketing Director



Scorpio 14 – Sabian Astrology In 7 Words

By | Jun 19, 2015
by Rongem Boyo

Have you sometimes reflected that your zodiac sign, whatever it may or may not say about you, cant be totally detailed about every aspect of your personality, can it? At least not with an astonishing significance so that all of life will seem very changed from then on. Well, have a quick look at Sabian Symbols perhaps they will make you change the way you think! The Sabian approach certainly is somewhat unique.

So what are Sabian Symbols you may ask? The Sabian Symbols are 360 images one for each degree of the zodiac that were clairvoyantly revealed in 1925, by a mystic, Elsie Wheeler, and explained by an astrologer, Dr Marc Edmund Jones. Each one gives an ingenious clue about the principal significance of that point, which can get to the bottom of some very useful and provoking perceptions for you.

It works even if its not your particular degree and yet a lot better if it is. Its best to allow yourself time to do it slowly, like a meditation. Let each of the short paragraphs sink in slowly and try to feel what it means, as well as using the mindor just sit with the images for a while and use your power of imagination to create some playful stories around it. (You will find your own Sabian Symbol by following the link below)

Having come to some new realizations about the essence of who you are, there is another stage you can adopt to decide to be different. You can influence a lot more of your circumstances than you usually do when you engage fully with the deepest part of your unique identity, by taking on the qualities indicated by your Sabian symbol.

Also if you are clearer about who you are, then you become a lot more certain about what you want out of life. You can set your goals according to an overall vision of the bigger picture, and that itself leads to a much greater chance of success. It helps with focus so that you keep your attention fixed on the required outcome.

Reading your own Sabian Symbol is a bit like getting a brother or sister to speak honestly about you. They know you well, with all your dark bits and your light, and although they love you, theyll tell you the hard truth! It can be difficult to hear, yet useful for those who are trying to become better people. It may be necessary to reread it a few times and think deeply about what is actually being said.

There is so much we could do with our lives! Opportunities are endless and very diverse, each day bringing little clues and teases to nudge us toward a little more unfolding of potential. Saying No to this and Yes to that surely requires us to trust our feelings and surrender to the inevitable that, come what may, we all end up being who we are: nothing more, nothing less.

It is good to notice any urge that we may feel to interfere in the private affairs of others, because this inclination speaks of our lack of appropriate self-centeredness. We must develop inner control to contain ourselves and resist inappropriate concern for others business; otherwise confusion and diminished will results.

Nevertheless, all affairs interconnect. It is the function of genius to expand awareness of the interconnectedness between distinct things. The outer dimension of all things forms a network, while the inner depth is beyond reach, having a transcendent quality.

It requires a significant degree of attachment to connect with what is meaningful in a thing, because everyday living is complex. To grasp meaning through the fog of this complexity is beyond mind; it requires the feelings to engage also.

What emerges is the power of realization. This fills the gaps between things with the magnetism of awareness. It is then also seen that there is a link between all phases of existence. Therefore neither time nor space can separate things in essence, although of course in appearance they do.

With a vision of self, expanded throughout eternity and connected to all forms, self-specialization is the only refuge and the only wisdom.

If we are try to be everything, then we are nothing, we have no substance, so we use the force of will to become something in particular and we do that by focusing on the appearances of what occurs to us and forming our identity around that connection.

Maturity expresses itself through the practical application of the principle: that higher intelligence is responsible for lower. Therefore we serve those who have not our degree of awareness and we demonstrate this universality of involvement with compassion.

In turn, as lesser we serve higher; we take our place in the greater scheme with equal exaltation that we are participating in the Mystery. It is of no consequence whether master or slave because both depend upon the other for self-identification.

You get excellent free personality profiles and a free monthly newsletter at the 7 Words website (http://www.7words.co.uk), and more of the author’s articles at http://jamesburgess.com/sabian-astrology.html

How Important Is Astrology Compatibility?

By | Jun 18, 2015
by Ben K Adams

Some people may laugh about it while others might head toward the other extreme, but astrological compatibility is a subject most have taken a look at even if many of them are loath to admit it.

Many enjoy reading their daily horoscope but when it comes to more serious matters there are a few who believe in evaluating their astrological charts. The problem with taking the astrological path toward finding out whether you are compatible with someone else is that it’s too prone to generalized information. That, and the fact that it isn’t a science (due to the lack of empirical data to support it), makes it a bit dubious.

To followers and practitioners of divination arts, however, it is a wholly different story. Aside from celestial divination—reading and interpretation of the stars and other heavenly bodies—there is numerology, tea-leaf reading, i-ching, various methods of scrying, and many more. Suffice it to say, that to some, this is serious stuff indeed. The planetary symbols will tell you the person’s character. In this way, you can easily understand your future partner and know the person’s strengths and weaknesses. This can be your guide to avoid clashes and break ups.

Going through all these methods will not necessarily answer your compatibility questions. With the best example, employing an astrological compatibility chart, the most you can hope for is a general picture, a “lay of the land” so to speak.

Take your own astrological chart for example. Generally, it contains information about traits that can be defined as your inner and outer personas. A catalogue of distinguishing characteristics you consciously exhibit as you go along through life and those that are subliminal. Someone taking a look at your astrological profile might gain some insight into your personality and you may do the same upon reading theirs. Will this mean that you or the other party can say whether you are either compatible or not, unlikely.

Astrological compatibility and any other aspect of your life that is well matched with another can only heighten the probability of a smooth and harmonious relationship. What it isn’t, is a sure guarantee of suitability. Other factors beyond the astrological can impact relationships of any kind, and ensuring compatibility is not something that can be easily achieved. Having said that, even a small understanding of another’s character and persona is better than none at all.

Are you dating the right person? Do you believe in astrological compatibility? You can get a free guide on http://www.astrological-compatibility.org and try their astrological compatibility chart.

Chamunda Swami Ji Holds Successful Seminar in Toronto at Srinegri Community Center

By | Jun 17, 2015

(PRWEB) March 18, 2013

In coordination with the Sringeri Community Center, Chamunda Swami Ji was honored to conduct a profound seminar on the power of meditation. Chamunda Swami ji shared his insight on how to harness spiritual blessings with the help of meditation. The seminar was held at the Sringeri Community Center on Saturday, March 9th at 5 PM.

The seminar was attended by hundreds of Chamunda Swami Ji’s devotees. Swami Ji explained everyone the importance of right Karma & how a shift in our thoughts can transform our life.

As a modern day spiritual master and healer, Swami Ji’s approach is to guide people with everyday life problems through the power of Mantra, Prayer, and Meditation. With astrology as a guiding tool, he employs mantra power in enacting a healing process that focuses on the divinity from within.

“Swami Ji’s clear message on mantra and meditation was an eye opener for me and my family. We all look forward to welcome Swami Ji in upcoming months,” said a devotee at the seminar.

Based in New York, The Chamunda Swami Ji Healing Center is a place of personal transcendence and growth. It is designed to provide additional insight into spiritual teachings, practices and understanding. The center also acts as a support venue for practical matters, including challenging life situations and circumstances. Swami Ji conducts world tours conducting spiritual seminars on Mantra and Spiritual Healing discourses, and provides opportunities for audience involvement. These seminars have successfully been carried out in diversified places such as Washington DC, New Jersey, California, Canada, Hong Kong, India, and Sweden.

Please feel free to join our social community on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/chamundaswami

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Yogastrologys New e-Booklet “8 YOGIS” Goes on Sale

By | Jun 15, 2015

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) March 18, 2013

Yogastrology announces the availability of the new e-booklet “8 YOGIS: Great Yogis Share Their Astro-Mojo,“ an e-booklet that dives into the marriage between yoga and astrology. “8 YOGIS” is a precursor to Yogastrology’s new DVD: Yogastrology creator Diane Booth Gilliam says, “I’m thrilled and honored to be presenting more than 30 of the world’s most esteemed and beloved yogis on Yogastrology’s new DVD, coming July 2013. Everyone looks stunning and they are all at their absolute stellar best.”


8 YOGIS” chronicles A-list yogis on their combined journey through astrology and yoga. Everything from David Romanelli’s mega-Gemini traits and Sadie Nardini’s stellium in Scorpio to Faith Hunter’s zodiacal tip for de-stressing and Hemalayaa Behl’s “yogasmic” sigh is chronicled within the e-booklet. 

A special present included within “8 YOGIS” is an interview with Kathryn Budig – an amazingly intimate experience with one of the world’s most beloved yoginis!


“8 YOGIS” is a precursor to Yogastrology’s new DVD coming July 2013.

From Yogastrology.com: “Hidden deep in the secrets of natural healing, an elegant tradition aligns areas of the human body with zodiac Sun signs. Yogastrology links traditional body-zodiac correlations together with the practices of yoga, guiding us to unlock our greatest potential. The lives of more than 30 A-list yogis, featured on Yogastrology’s new DVD with his or her zodiac sign, demonstrate what can happen when a person is in harmony with celestial energies.”


About Yogastrology:

Yoga meets astrology.Yogastrology® is very contemporary, though the marriage between yoga and astrology is ancient. The word hatha, as in yoga, actually contains the Sanskrit words for Sun (ha) and Moon (tha). Yogastrology provides online training for teachers and practitioners alike as they bring astro-mojo and natural Sun and Moon rhythms home, deepening the practices of yoga, while at the same time infusing the   traditional practices with a stellar new brand of embodied astrology — all in one streamlined package.


“Yogastrology is born and I guarantee it will become huge!” Amazon.com


“Yogastrology is a much deeper practice than just yoga alone, connecting us to both the energy within us and around us, helping it flow together seamlessly.” Elisabeth Olson, Yogastrology student


“Yogastrology’s e-booklet of zodiac interviews and photos just came out today! Honored to be featured in this edition along with seven other rocking yogis.” Shakti Sunfire


“Very excited to be part of Yogastrology’s e-booklet along with yoga-greats Kathryn Budig,  David Romanelli, Elena Brower, Faith Hunter, and more!” Leah Kim

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MysticScripts.com Re-launches Interactive And Revamped Apps on Tarot, Astrology, Numerology

By | Jun 14, 2015

NJ, USA (PRWEB) March 19, 2013

MysticScripts.com is one of the leading websites on astrology and similar sciences, which offers a wide range of topics for all its visitors including Tarot, Palmistry, Horoscope, Astrology, Feng Shui, I Ching, Numerology, Oracle, Gemology, and Biorhythm. Recently, it announced re-launch of its learning tools on Palmistry, Astrology and Tarot explaining all the aspects of all these sciences.

Horoscope and astrology are some of the popular sciences around the world and many people believe and follow them. There are many who want to get into the depths of these sciences and understand the concept behind some of them. Addressing the demands of these people, MysticScripts.com has released upgraded versions of these learning apps found at http://www.MysticScripts.com/learning-tools/learn-tarot/, Astrology and Palmistry. All these lessons explain all the aspects of these sciences in great detail helping the interested visitors understand the concept of each of them in an interactive manner.

There are also detailed Tarot card meanings that help in telling the fortune and future of a person. The flash card programs are simple to learn and easiest one for the beginners. Talking about the history and significance of Tarot card reading, founder of the website said -“Tarot cards have been used for fortune telling for ages and have remained popular ever since. Experts use this divination tool to read for people and help them solve the problems that they face, as well as find solutions for their various issues.”

The Astrology tutorials at http://www.MysticScripts.com/learning-tools/learn-astrology/ explain the history and different kinds of methods and techniques used by astrologers around the world. Astrology is an epic science, and the concepts of the big astrologers around the globe differ from each other. The founder of the website explained that despite the differences in different forms of astrology, all of them follow the same basics and principles, and was quoted as saying – “Astrology is nothing but the study of the correlation between the positions and the movements of the planets, the stars and other celestial bodies and events on earth. It is the firm belief of the astrologers that the placement and the movements of the heavenly bodies influence all the events in a person’s life.”

Palmistry again happens to be one of most popular fortune telling sciences of all times. The Palmists study the lines on the palms of an individual and tell their fortune. There are several free Palmistry lessons at http://www.MysticScripts.com/learning-tools/learn-palmistry/, which also emphasize on the importance of various lines on our palm.

The founder of MysticScripts.com further commented – “Palmistry learning tools help one learn more about the study of palm lines on our hands. They help you understand the significance of palm reading and learn the basics of palm reading or Palmistry. These tools are especially good for people who are novices to palmistry.”

Apart from these topics the website also offers free Numerology lessons located at http://www.MysticScripts.com/learning-tools/learn-numerology/ and lot of other resourceful information is available to its visitors.

About the Company

MysticScripts.com is a popular astrology and horoscope-related website, which offers a wide range of free online applications on similar topics. Some of the popular topics on the website include Feng Shui, Tarot, Palmistry and Astrology.

To know more about their services log on to http://www.MysticScripts.com/

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