¡Ay Tarot, Tarot, Tarot! Juanito el Pionero – Capítulo 3
It is finally the end of the month of March. April is filled with emotional intensity that has been building for years. Brace for this month coming up. Stay positive and do not watch the [More]
Welcome to your April 2020 Crystal Forecast! Everything may seem chaotic right now, but this month is offering you the chance to take a break from the outside world for a moment and focus on [More]
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Zodiac Signs can reveal a lot about your Personality and Love Life. This is a guide for Canerian people to know more about their personality and also know which out of the entire Zodiac are [More]
Hero Factory Sign of Zodiac MOC Capricorn
What is the luckiest zodiac sign
Hey guys!! In this video, I had my zodiac sign control my life for a day! I based it off of several articles I found online, they are linked below! Unfortunately, YouTube disabled my comments [More]
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Ok.. well we all know someone who likes to take care of others.. maybe theyre always checking in to see if youre ok.. maybe they bring treats.. and sometimes .So.. youve met Mr/Miss Perfect and [More]
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https://kelleyrosano.com/ These videos were recorded and published before the quarantine! Because I have been full-time teaching in January, February and March in my Academy with my YouTube Insiders course. The advice of socializing can be [More]
Nowadays everyone is asking when will coronavirus i.e covid 19 will vanish.How far astrology can see the phase of coronavirus.In this viseo all the questions about covid 19 or coronavirus longivity have been answered. Dr [More]
Episode 249 features a tribute to the astrologer Robert Zoller, who passed away in January, and was a pioneer in the revival of the study and practice of medieval astrology. Zoller’s book The Arabic Parts [More]