AQUARIUS April 2015 Astrology Forecast – Karen Lustrup

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Aquarius Horoscope April 2015 – YouTube
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PISCES April 2015 - Astrology Forecast - Barbara Goldsmith
What’s in store for Pisces for April 2015?
This is your Astrology Horoscope Forecast!
This video covers:
Relationships, Finances, Career, Family, Health, Life Purpose
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pleiadestars says:
kitti kaufmann says:
Patricia Johnson says:

Your home is so beautiful. 

mal leve says:

tyvm!right on trip to visit sson in munich is great.thanx Karen for early

Samantha Perez says:

Thank you : )

GamingGod 00 says:
Barbara Goldsmith says:

Hello Pisces, Happy April! Enjoy!!

Jupiter Light says:

Thanks so much Barbara.. I love the way you present the forecasts with the
chart… I have a question, My sun, moon and mercury are in pisces so I
watch the pisces forecasts, but my ascendant is Gemini, so when you talk
about the 2nd house in the pisces video, its my 11th house from
ascendant… So, should i be watching both gemini and pisces video? what
are stronger, houses counted from ascendant or from sun sign or moon sign?
Thanks and lots of love

Liane Buck says:

Your message is always so upbeat and positive.. <3

redbrian3655 says:

Your hair looks great… you seem re-energized and upbeat; and as always I
thanks you for such a thorough forecast. You make me smile! BRIAN

Kimberley Buckler says:

Thank you so much for doing this for us. I always look forward to the
updates !!!

Iris Tarot says:

Your a lovely lady thank you so much for you information , Blessings

simone simon says:

Thank you for your wonderful readings, I really appreciate the clear info!
All the best!

Karen Pierce says:

Thank you Barbara! Lovely woman!

Dinesh Acharya says:

You are amazing Barbara. Its so good to hear your so good and exiting
voice. Thank you for this wonderful video. 

Sonia Likhari says:

Barbara thanx a lot! You have given me great hope . Love watching you and I
listen to your advice and guidance. Angelic blessings.

Sigrun Helene Konstad says:

Spot on! :)

Gin Sung says:

Thank you for uplifting forecasts!:)

linda here says:

love your reading

cavalierdecoupe says:

You are such a wonderful soul

Donna Montgomery says:

So well explained and I feel true to my current circumstance, appropriate
for April as far as I am concerned, so thank you :)

Natalia Loaiza says:

Thank you!

infamousdon82 says:

What would it means when the lunar eclipse is in the 8th house and the
ruler of the 8th is in the 5th house? I have no partner, no kids, no
investments nor savings.

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