ARIES January 5-11, 2018 General & Love Tarot Reading

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Extra readings not found here such as love, spiritual, energy & career.






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anat levy says:

I'm Aquarius sun and Aries moon and this reading really resonate with me and I'm in love with a Taurus guy that he's not available.

Kaycee Too says:

Spot on aries.cap w libra rising he wanted to make me pregnant

Flora Simpson says:

I had a break up with my fiancee 6 months ago after i got into a huge quarrel with him about a girl i caught him with in his house and i told him that the relationship is over out of anger and i left his house that night. i had thought he would call me to apologize but he never did. I did everything i could but he refused to accept me back because i love him so much, i almost lost hope until i came across doctor Moonlight online and i told him what is happening, i doubted him at first but it surprised me how he helped me get my fiancee back. This is why anytime i have problem i always call doctor Moonlight to help me. I am happy i contacted doctor Moonlight, Now am making marriage plans it is a miracle how he helped me get him back. you too can contact doctor Moonlight if you have any kind of problem. Doctor Moonlight is a powerful spell caster, he can solve your problem for you so that u can become a happy person like me too and he has been doing good things in my life since i know him.
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Paty Ramirez says:

I got cheated on and yes he was a Libra and I think now he is coming back I am not turning back I believed him trusted him and now I know thank u


Omg this is totally spot on

aries007 onyx says:

Thanks…. Good reading

Amanda Lynn says:

I’m a single Virgo sun aries moon and YAAAASSSSSSS. Developed feelings for a Capricorn didn’t know he was in a relationship. Hoping for a new beginning with a Leo 😇

Wyatt Sandi says:

I am a Libra and had a Aries do me wrong. He used me.

Smriti Dhakal says:

Cheater Aries
I am a water sign

pinkqueen204 says:

I'm single and spot on!!

Virgo lady missy says:

I swear this is my ex he has Aries in his chart libra his son Capricorn his ex wife Aquarius his daughter I had a lot of money stolen from me last year I have suspected my ex had something to do with it can't prove it

Maria Rios says:

My ex Sagi….he betrayed me and then after 2.5 years tells me he doesnt see himself with me 5 years from now but then as hes leaving hes crying and talking about regretting this one day….!?

Bubbles LBC says:

I’m a lil confused I’m an Aries and I love this olde Aries man but I pissed him off by bitching but he should’ve fix his situation before he even asked for my number and he has just ended his relationship to his Taurus but he what’s the talked to me in two days 🤷🏽‍♀️ well I’m just moving out the way because I love him but it’s 2018 I don’t want anyones baggage’s ,,,, I miss him so much 😞 stupid dick he should know better he’s an Aries also I don’t do that waiting shit for no one I’m trying to get my own self together spiritually and mentally , I really care and love him though 😩😩😩 oh well I can’t do shit but keep doing me and try to make my life better

Helen HNYPOT says:

The beginning segment didn't resonate; but I do so hope that the single love part does happen!! Would love a "rebirth" with an ex Sagittarius!! I would give anything to have him back in my life. But yes, the Taurus did not workout and I let him go just a few weeks ago because I found out he was still involved with his ex-wife… he says he wasn't intimate with her, but I don't believe it… my intuition tells me differently.

Ceyor Verhier says:

Yea, after it's all over now Aries feel free to tell the truth hun..yes haaaa, just like I just got threw saying, they were mean and evil (cappi) .they blessed my insanity stay in place. Humm.must feel good to feel good about getting away with all that evilness. .😂😂😂.Humm.must been son.or didn't know it was his on it .humm.

Marissa Rentas says:

Omg right on the money V I'm with a older Aries/Sag I'm a Aries woman OLD SCHOOL LOVE ITS BEAUTIFUL Ty…

Elena Riabinina says:

YES all true in my life mog you just on point ..Thank you dear

Diana Burns says:

Bullseye…death, betrayal, and hostile takeover. Aries is rising again.

Lawrence Cameron says:

Spot on sweetie, she’s a younger libra, lies, cheats and has left my life at a crucial moment. Fuck I’m a dummy. 💔💔💔💔

Aries CrescentMoon says:

The single love reading part 100 percent resonates!! I had just talked to the Capricorn who i thought had felt the same with me and they still haven't really said that don't but tells me that he is focusing on his mom,sister who is pregnant and his work. I have been a hard time to really find a way to move on from him and be just friends.I had told him how i felt but still didnt get the answer i wanted so im taking my time before i talk to him again so i can really move on and clear my head. I know i do love him and he doesn't know that. I had a dream of me telling im i love him and everything. Its just sooo overwhelming for me and i really dont want to get my hope up and think later in the year he would just tell me how he really feels about me. Thanks for the reading.

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