Astrology for the Soul February 12, 2020

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It will take a lot of discipline,
To do what I came in to do,
But coupled with love and commitment,
I know I can see it through.

Well, I feel like we should brace ourselves for the next 6 weeks of Mars in Capricorn with all the aspects the warrior will be making. The question is how best to do that? Contract, numb out, withdraw, stay home, be silent? No! We just need to do our kundalini yoga, get centered, build our magnetic field nice and strong, and stay in the neutral mind! Yes!

Otherwise, you may feel pulled between that Mars in Capricorn wanting to buckle down and push through vs. the retrograde Mercury feeling rather confused and wanting to blow it off. As we develop more and more discipline to stay with our spiritual practice, tune in, align, and center, we tap into the greater flow and know when to act and when not too. This doesn’t need to be confirmed by the facts, others, or conventional timing, we just KNOW. May you stay “in the know!”

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Active Creation says:

Does anyone know the name of this meditation?

Manna G says:

So much LOVE. 🙏🏽🌟

Katarina Burell says:

I just Love all of your pele reports with ALL OF YOUR IDEAS AND THOUGTS , IT's just experiences and feelings

Solana Sally says:

Beautiful Kundalini meditation. Thank you. Can you do it after sunset instead of before sunrise? It's too cold to get out from underneath the covers in the morning. 😉

Brooks Jones says:

Just did the Hare Guru and went to a new space

Shann Vander Leek says:

So good. Just what I needed to today. Thank you.

Gem Worden says:

Wow! even just doing it with you then for that short time felt pretty intense haha! Thank you and so much love!

Neena M says:

Thk U for gving us this tool to cope…🙏

Christine Holliday says:

You are Awesome ! I Will Reconnect to my Inner Guide with your help! Thanks🤗

Spirit Healer Tarot says:

Welcome to the Bay Area! Hi to Mount Tam!

Victoria Sofitel says:

Thank you SO much for doing what you do! Thank you for giving specific directions on how to move through this. You are a brave leader and thank you for modeling The Way!

Samira B says:

So much LOVE❤️!❤️!💕!💞!

Michelle Quaife says:

My God…this is so where I have been this week…the polarity of my two minds….I so needed to find a way to the Neutral mind. Thanks so much Tom!!!!!

gingko says:

You’re in my stomping grounds! Glad to see it from your lens.
Blessings and love 🌞

MartaBlacksmith says:

Thank you Kaypacha / <3

jes sea says:


Ingrid Johana says:

Graciaaaaaas!! I needed this advice 🙏🏻

Raven Blakely says:

So I was saying to myself gosh that looks like California, I thought he was in Hawaii or Costa Rica, do they have oak trees there?? And you're in California! Which is where I reside so thanks for blessing us with your presence

Mary Collins says:

Thanks for the report!

Emily Reisner says:

Where did you do your training? Lots of love!

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