Basic Astrology: Sun, Moon & Ascendant

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Love, Alyssa
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Spirituality | Astrology | What the Ascendant Actually Means

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PianoBea says:

Loved the Eminem breakdown. Lmao.

Johnnie Shreve says:

Capricorn sun, libra moon and Taurus rising

Cassie Phan says:

Sag Ascendant, Sun Taurus, Moon Cancer

Am I similar to your husband then? haha! Since Sag is fire like Aries,
Taurus is fixed like Scorpio, and obviously we are both lunar cancers x:

Ella Charlie says:

Finally found my exact time of birth and it turns out I´m a virgo rising
not a leo rising… makes so much more sense 

Deena A. says:

Sag sun, Leo moon, and scorpio rising ;*

Thanyalak Thaweeskulchai says:

Hi Alyssa.
I’m a Libra sun, Leo Moon, Scorpio Ascendant. Why am i feeling emotional
all the time?! People think i am a cancer.. its weird

rockINSMiL3Y7 says:

Virgo sun, Aquarius rising, and Leo moon…what does that say about me

hellboy666kiLLer says:

Aquarius son, Aries moon, Aries ascendant

John Andersson says:

Sun: Libra
Moon: Aquarius
Ascendant: Leo

Christina Swenson says:

Capricorn Sun
Leo Moon
Taurus Ascendant

Cassie Phan says:

your pisces rising is so strong. you can rap alyssa!

en pathos says:

Virgo sun, Sagittarius ascendant and Moon in Capricorn?

Megan Hippmann says:

I think it’s fun when she talks about her husband cause I have a similar
combination 😀 (Pisces sun-Scorpio Moon-Aries rising)

adrianccc0 says:

I liked it very much, thank you. 🙂
Also, very funny. :D

Alexliftz Style says:

Eminem ayeeee lol

Natalie Ryan says:

cancer sun, gemini moon, libra ascendant

Son Goku says:


Adelyn Vincent says:

Leo sun, Pisces rising, Moon in Virgo. and i’m having the hardest time
finding people with the same signs as me or information about the
combination of the three

pineapple pie says:

Taurus sun, cap rising, sag moon

Kevin Sam says:

Please can you make a video with the rising is the opposite to the sun how
they would blend with each other, like my sun is in Aries but my rising is
in Libra sooo I got confused, like does those two blend into each other or
does only my rising get to be shown??? Please you would make my day if
you’d make a video about this
I love you btw, no offense Mr. Scorpio sun/Aries rising

Tyisme100 says:

Gemini sun, Taurus moon, and Virgo rising 

Uchiha Obito says:

Brilliant strategies for deduction. You’re a prodigy and mad beautiful lol

ellystern says:

scorpio sun, aquarius moon, pisces rising

Chanel Dencker says:

Aries sun, libra moon, gemini ascendant. 

GFMRLL says:

14:49 im an acuarius rising with uranus in the 11th house too

Colin MacAskill says:

Yes!! I’ve found my new astrologer 😛 I was getting a little tired with the
vague “you may do this or you may not” sort of stuff, no offense to anyone
of course. You’re well read and I love the depth psychology approach you
seem to be using. I look forward to watching your videos 🙂 cheers!

Anna Fragouli says:

thank you for the video…..But still confused
so as ascendant libra, i have to look at Aries, is in my seventh house and
mars is in my fifth house, pisces?
and i have to look to venus?

Simon Vorster says:

Add a message to your video

Nessa Spence says:

This is quite different from previous information I have read and studied
about in astrology with regards to the true role of the Ascendant in the
chart. However, it does make a lot of sense. In the past, the information I
have come across about the role of the Descendant has been limited, glossed
over or missing entirely, but here its role is made clear. Thanks 

Charmaine Frost says:

Excellent video; thanks!

What if the Ascendent (what you want to discover more about) and the South
Node (past that you’re evolving away from) are in the same sign? Is there
a conflict/paradox here – “New territory that I want to explore further”
versus “Old stuff I want to evolve out of”?

pisces firedragon says:

Hi Simon. Are you at all concerned about the square of Moon/Uranus to
Pluto, or do you think the positive ‘mojo’ of the Grand Trine will
supersede the challenging square aspect? Cheers!

Rossana C says:

I knew you were AquaAsc! I could swear it on my life!

I don’t know how to intérpret all u said. I have Libra Asc with Pluto
conjuncting by 8 degrees. My Venus is in the 8th. Pretty intense, yes. But
then I also have Mars conjunct Saturn (Scorpio) in the 1st and they
inconjunct Venus and Sun in the 8th.

Isn’t that a puzzle?!

pisces firedragon says:

Is there any significance with having a different rising sign in Vedic
system..for example i am Cancer ASC in western and Gemini ASC in Vedic.
Thanks Simon. Great info!

Isabella Dugarte says:

You are so right, that make sense, im a scorpio rising, and that scorpio
energy is not actually what i like to project but security and stability.

Chita Banana says:

Hell yeah, fantastic, . Thank you, Simon Vorster.

sps19810 says:

I have a Scorpio Ascendant and I definitely struggle deeply with fear of
other people’s motives and a heightened, even distorted awareness of the
darker motives they may have (and I may have). This helped me to understand
a lot, thank you. I would love to see stuff from you on the ascendant signs
individually, though I know it would be a lot of work! I have Pluto in the
12th house so as you can imagine it’s an interesting experience. Thanks


Hey Simon thank you ..Awesome

Mayra says:

so you look to Mars, 1st house and where Aries is in my chart, did you say
the Ascendant is the 1st house? if i am doing this right, than my Mars is
in the 10th house, AC is Libra but I dont know what you mean where Aries is
at because I dont have a placement for Aries besides being my descendant. a
bit confused. help and guidance. i really want to get this because I
really like your approach to applying astrology to consciousness and the
state of constantly becoming. 

The Gershwin says:

Thaaaaank you, I’ve always disliked when people described the Ascendant as
“the face you wear.” Never seemed to make sense. I have Libra Rising and it
tends to confuse me because all of my houses fall in their opposite sign.
Any insight you could shed on Libra Rising? Thanks, Simon!!!

Lee S Kennedy says:

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ SHARE

Callie1712 says:

WOW powerful Simon! I have had lots of upheaval going on the last yr. A
strong urge to find my true self/purpose in life as well as my freedom.
Majoring in psych. BUT since my Awakening last Oct. I’ve been diligently
studying astrology purpose?!
*Neptune/8th/Pisces. I can see how I am displaying more of a Aquarius
persona (freedom) But this awareness is allowing my Leo to become strong

SoneBone100 says:

Any insight on Capricorn rising with Saturn and Mars in the 8th house.

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