CANCER DECEMBER 2017 HOROSCOPE | Your Luck is Changing!

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Cancer December 2017 Horoscope
Relationships, Finances, Career, Family, Health, Life Purpose
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jess cole says:

December has been horrible for cancer

lei Mesa says:

Oh good for me how i wish i could have one

Salman rash says:

Can u help me more about this

Sam Holden says:

Hope my luck does change.This year has been hell for me😢

Danila Angileri says:

I wish we could really hear it raw.

Królowa Buław says:

I love listening to You 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐
Much Sun from Poland

Juliette Purdy says:

Looking very relaxed Barbara 😇💚💛💜

Farah Abd says:

Thank u Beautiful lady for forecast, luv u soooooooooo mch

Mia Lia Sia says:

The past is the past and the future is amazing …

tanjabmoon says:

Barbara, I must say, that I am loving that you share your transformation with us. I clicked on you (when you had dark longer hair) because I could see you were genuine through your smile… And then I fell in love with your chart and clear presentation and your delivery. So sweet! And NOW look at you!!!!! I'm so happy I saw your spark from then! Wonderful creativity and growth… and your beauty from the inside radiates outwardly. You share your personal tough challenges and it is very appreciated and shows that you are just like me, human. YAY, BARBARA! (On to your Scorpio Horoscope now…) You have been a blessing to my life and I LOVE your art!!!!!

repongsi says:

Keep up the good work 😁👍 see you in 2018

CJ Verde says:

Are these predictions for sun signs only?

Alice Book says:

Such a powerful message! ❤️ Writing this while the Full Moon in Gemini is taking place. You seem so close to us, it’s really beautiful. I’ve got a lot of 6th/12th, 4th/10th issues and this month is so powerful to me. I’m finally moving to another apartment (on the 16th) where I’m hoping to really be able to let go of some trauma from the past. My 20th birthday is on the 19th, the same day when Saturn is moving into Capricorn. I feel like I need the lessons of Saturn in the 6th to continue, but grateful for not having to deal with Saturn conjunct my natal sun any longer. Things are really moving on. Lots of love,
/a fellow cancer rising ❤️♋️♐️♍️♒️

Carleen Moore says:

Looking lovely and youthful, Barbara! Wanna share your secrets?

Love bliss says:

Can relate to some. Made notes to see how I navigate. Lovely..God bless.

Emily Labarca says:

Lovely , thank you

Ahmed Zeyada says:

Barbara …
I'm currently experiencing the worst period in my whole entire life – never been so dark,
I'm truly becoming completely someone else.
depressed ,surrounded with losses and fails. No single plans works right , nothing but embarrassments and complications.

Dark Velvet says:

Cancer Sun or Asc?

jessica queen says:

North node aquarius 12 house venus in gemini 6 house 5 house jupiter in cancer 7 house moon in virgo. Sun in cancer moon in virgo Pisces rising saturn in capricorn 10 house retrograde pluto scorpio 9 house retrograde

Sally Kent says:

Thank you Barbara 💙🙏🏻😊

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