CANCER MAY 2015 – Astrology Forecast – Barbara Goldsmith

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What’s in store for Cancer for May 2015?
This is your Astrology Horoscope Forecast!
This video covers:
Relationships, Finances, Career, Family, Health, Life Purpose
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Taurus May 2015 | Astrology Horoscope Tarot
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Discover what’s coming up for Taurus in May 2015 in this intuitive astrology and tarot forecast for the month!

Tarot Card: The Nine of Pentacles in reverse (The World Spirit Tarot)

This horoscope applies to Taurus, born April 20 – May 20.

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Barbara Goldsmith says:
1965Akasha says:

I hope they gave you the money for that jumper?!

Amber Kleiner says:

Thank you Barbara. You are so appreciated :)

Bridgette Evans says:

Thank you! I got the L-tryptophan! as well!

Missy Chrissy says:

I giggled so hard at the jumper story! The universe was saying there’s a
better one out there for you 😉 hehe XOXO

Elodie MARTEAU says:

Thank u Barbara, when were u born??? I couldn’t have the info on your web
site… Blessings, Elodie

Mounia Townley says:

Hello Barbara. I am a leo sun with a cancer rising and moon sagittarius. I
am confused about Astrology Forecast I should focus on Leo, Cancer or
Sagittarius? Please give insight on this. I love your creativity and the
effort you are putting in all you work. God bless you!!!!

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