Capricorn February 2020 MAJOR MONEY JACKPOT for CAPRICORN! #astrology #capricorn

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MAJOR MONEY JACKPOT for CAPRICORN! #CapricornFebruary2020 #CapricornFebruaryHoroscope2020 #CapricornFebruaryAstrology2020 This is for you if CAPRICORN is your Sun, Sign, Rising Sign, or Moon Sign

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Big Love and Blessings,
Annie 🙂

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Sabina Donofrio says:

where's the chart???????

Anastacia Custodio says:

I dont understand you madam

Sandra E Straume says:

I did ask for help but nobody gives a s*** when you needs to help I've been told fix it yourself and many of those people are millionaires are going to die if they had to pull out some money so my life is been not focusing on complimenting making comments about their post I just like turn off Facebook and I'm focusing on YouTube and I'm done I don't know where I'm going in life except I'm just stopping trying to clean go through things Washington things to think that destroyed in my house and this is due to this s*** that done and I've been informed of corporate all along that I said from day one of her highness and the shirts were behind it and there still is so cuz they're not taking a lead and there's good Japanese but sadly to say the one in charge of doing a lot of corruption

Skye Vonn says:

So if the money didn't come for December Capricorns in January does that mean it's not coming?

ella zurar says:

I’m a cap rising and it’s been shit so far.

Mandy Eden says:

Born 5th and the money started flowing my way from the start of year and it keeps coming, loving it!

Anthony Parami says:

thanks madam im here in philippines

Anthony Parami says:

this coming feb,16,2020 i'm win a thai lottery….I'm born in january 1,1984….thank you for your goodnews for the capricorn….thanks madam.

Sheryl D says:

❤️your vibe x thank you xx

Deborah Kenswil says:

Thank you so much🙌🏽💛🙌🏽 I am a money magnet!!

Laila Caparas says:

Greetings dear one!
If I get that money 💰 you'll be the 1st to know! Godspeed!
Allah Kareem!

Kt Rajan says:


Alyssa P says:

Let's hope. My business took a dive when I was expecting it to boom. I pray to get it back

Hex Tarot says:

I love your detail. Awesome delivery too. Definitely check out your course. ✌️

Steve Allen says:

10 Jan 45, Last year was a struggle financially, my car is paid in Feb, $300, another loan is paid in June, $200, school loan paid in Nov, $175, Now I can get my other debts paid off, by the end of the year I can be close to debt free. So, I am a happy camper, relationship wise, nothing is happening, I guess I can't win them all, maybe I will buy a lottery ticket or two. Peace & Love.

Capricorn Zib says:

Hi does anyone when Mars is moving to 1st house ?

Amelia Rawiri says:

Gees, I must of missed it all? I'm 1st Decan Cap 🤷‍♀️

Kimberly wong says:

Thank you so much for your reading 🙏🌻🌞👍👏

MegaBella2013 says:

Any pregnancy?!i always want to know

RachelB says:

Hey Annie…in my western chart I am a Capricorn moon 11° (8th)part of fortune Cap 22° (8th), n.node cap 2° (8th), venus/can 12° (2nd), Jupiter/sag 28° (7th) gem asc. 14° (1st) sun/mars Leo (3rd) I'm hoping for a bit of relief and a few blessings 😁🙏🏽💗🙏🏽 venus is my house ruler in my vedic chart. 😊

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