How to read Navamsa Chart in Vedic Astrology (D9 Chart)

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Hareshi says:

Venus is with an exalted Sun and AtmaKarka of (Jupiter&Mars) cause both the same degrees in D1, Will this effect Venus? like the Melefic Planet Sun is exalted plus its the Owner of Mars another melefic is there…Will Jupiter help to balance it ? Well this 4 planets they are all in the 6th house of Asc pretty scary @_@…?

bhavbal says:

Do you count RAHU and KETU for Atmakaraka?

Gurjit Singh says:

Kapiel If someone have venus in taurus in lagna in birth chart and in Virgo in nvamansha chart in first house and also atamkarka, then how planet is going to be???

KRSchannel says:

well, it definitely has a very strong foundation. But it is the other pillars that will support the house over the foundation, so one planet doesn’t guarantee success. I wish it did.

erankitsharma says:

i have venus atamkarka and it is exalted in nvamansha in 1st house and it is also exalted in main birth chart ……is my chart powerfull…

MittburgEichenbaum says:

In Vedic astrology you must look for Rahu and also Sun for the meanings you ascribe to Uranus : the former are most strong, the latter you can study just as a quite weak aspect of them both, having no independent meaning. Don’t overload your chart with too many redundant symbols. In the same way Neptune is Ketu’s aspect with Moon’s. Pluto is Ketu’s aspect with Sun’s and since Ketu is by definition a lack of Sun it is a very tiny influence, which the dwarf size and status of Pluto confirms.

Sweetgirl1980 says:

lal kitab is sometimes useful according to my experience..

yasmine al neyadi says:

how about having saturn as the highest degree in 28degree in the 4th house wth the conjunction of ketu, wat does it means?

Vivek Bakshi says:

hi bro
you aaaaarrrrrreeeeee a real vidvaaan and a true pandit…. making the best use of your knowledge as Indian vedic knowledge says ” all you know and learn should help people in someway or other” that is called JANKALYANA…… I am vivek bakshi … a music composer from mumbai……. I gave many years to Indian classical music and now trying to learn jyotish too….. You have changed my thinking about this traditional vidya of our vedas………. regards and thanks ……

MissRarityFluttershy says:

In my D9 chart Saturn, Venus, and Sun are in 9th house Capricorn. Jupiter and Mars in 3rd house Cancer. Rahu in Taurus 1st house and Ketu in 7th house. Also my Moon is in 4th house Leo. Does this mean I will not marry or find good spouse?

ChickNextDoor1 says:

if planets are okay/excelled in you rashi chart but debilitated in you d9 chart, does that also affect your destiny?

KRSchannel says:


nikitauic says:

Hi Kapiel,
I was wondering if you could tell me about your opinion about Lal Kitab. Do you think it is valid and useful?

spacebound929 says:

very informative

bharti bachchani says:

nice explained

sophiawisdom100 says:

Thanks for uploading the video, I have couple of questions.
1) What if the first house is the same ( for example, Aquarius) in both Lagna and Navamsa charts? Is it common or rare? or have any significance at all?
2) Sun as Vargottama in 5th house of Gemini, Saturn Exalted in Lagna chart but moves to 10th house in Navamsa Chart. Rahu holds 29 degrees and is placed in 8th house in Navamsa, Sun holds second highest, 28 degrees in 5th house, Venus is sitting with Sun in Navamsa.

golu123ish says:

i have mars venus and rahu in 9th house ,rashi is gemini in 9th house

KRSchannel says:

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are not counted!!!

pramod45901 says:

hi kapiel.. in my birth chart pluto has highest degree then neptune has 20 degree and then sun on 19 degree…so plz tell me which planet should be consider for d-9

Ami Shah says:

is nakshtra in which a planet is sitting in navamsa and its relation with nakshtra lord should be looked or no?

y2k122333 says:

Please help me with this
My navamsa chart and my gf’s chart are the same just the ascendent has changed so wats this an indication or what?

sarathy29388 says:

yaar means friend.Just wanna know if they are positioned strong or how you have answered for others..

KRSchannel says:

since i do not do consultation i can’t answer that for you.

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