TAURUS March 2015 Astrology with Karen Lustrup

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March Horoscope 2015

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Sagittarius April 2015 Astrology Forecast

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Elena MMS says:

Karen,you are wonderful!(too expensive but great to hear on YouTube) Thank
you so much!!!

Rose Petal says:

Thank You Karen, I so appreciate your readings!!!! :D

AgaSoulMaster says:

I don’t have a PC – only cell and tablet. Can’t seem to be able to sign up
for the newsletter. Which website to look up?
Thank you for all that you do
Aqua Sun-Taurus Rising- Leo Moon

Shontee' Benjamin says:

Hi Karen, I have attempted to sign up for the newsletter and to enter to
win a free reading but it says that it can’t be displayed. Please advise.

Nipun khanna says:

Hi Karen ….I am Taurean From India.I came accross your videos few years
back wherein you mentioned that taurus might get an international Opening
.The next day i got a job letter from New York based CPA firm .Since then i
am following you dedicatedly .
Thanks a Lot karen . Keep up the Good Work.God Bless .
Unfortunately i am going through a very tough Phase .

Gail Marek says:

Karen, if I was the one who downloaded and uploaded your forecast, I
apologize. I do bookmark your monthly readings to listen again later in
the month as I do my planning. I’m not very computer savvy, but I do
really appreciate following you.

Jay Martinez says:

In God I TRU$T, God Is GREAT Send Real Knowledge My Way. May 7 Is The Day
God Gave The Gift Of Life To This Golden Taurus. Thank You GOD!

christina panico says:

Love all these new features .. thank you!

Kelley Rosano says:

#SagittariusApril #LibraLunarEclipse #AriesNewMoon

Jonathan Altieri says:

I’ve noticed some change going on, with me and the people around me this
past month. There still some lingering negativity going on, but it seem to
be diminishing. I also need to stop making bad choices financially, bad
choices altogether. I hope things become more positive 🙂 

Ron Castia says:

Awesome! Thanks Kelley! My wife and I celebrate our 26th wedding
anniversary this month on the 22nd.
My band is recording new material, and I am getting busier and busier in
the music, and live sound engineering arena.

U12Ready says:

Dear Kelley, I’m a Sagittarius born on Dec 20th and have a wonderful
friendship with my Mom who’s a Leo! We really enjoy watching your monthly
videos! You’e so positive and give us a great insight into the upcoming
month. Thank you so very much.❤️ Wishing you all the best! xox Audrey

Scott Rankin says:

Hi Kelley, “You Rock Baby” – I love your passion and love your forecasts
– may the happiness you share with us, be returned ten fold dear. Scott –
Melbourne Australia

CorineNation says:

Yehey! My favorite….Kelley

Silvia new age says:

cool, cool, cool, !!!!! thank you so so much !!! is so energizing to watch
you !!! blessings !!!!

Daniel P Furman says:

Thank You

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