The Three Stars of I Ching Astrology

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The Three Stars of I Ching Astrology

Everyone has three stars in their I Ching Astrology horoscope, here they are with their particular significance:

Birth Star

Your Birth Star is the driving force behind your personality and is determined by the year in which you were born. This is the most important of the three Stars as it underlies all your actions. It is also the Star that you need to be aware of as far as knowing what House you occupy in any given year and month and other aspects of I Ching Astrology.

Inner Star

Your Inner Star. This Star has two important qualities. Firstly, it represents who you were during your first two passes round the 9 year cycle – until you reached 18 years of age and entered adulthood. In other words, this is your childhood profile. You only fully evolve into your Birth Star persona at around the age of 18 years. Secondly, in most situations in life, when you are under pressure you often revert to your childhood way of expression, so your Inner Star reflects how you express yourself when you are stressed out. This hidden side of your personality is only seen by those close to you.

Outer Star

Your Outer Star reflects how you are perceived by others who do not know you very well. This is the first impression that people pick up on when they meet you. It relates to how you choose to live in the world, For example, how you keep your home tidy, how you choose to dress or socialise and where you shop. If I was to ask a neighbour of yours, who did not know you very well, for an opinion based on their first impressions of you, their comments would be based on the qualities of your Outer Star. In a nutshell, it is ‘how you appear’ to the world.

The qualities of the 9 I Ching Astrology Stars:

9 Fire Star:

Inspiring, impulsive, proud, sophisticated, impressive, savvy and enlightened.

8 Mountain Star:

Tenacious, opinionated, stubborn, revolutionary, enterprising, persevering and indefatigable.

7 Lake Star:

Expressive, independent, sociable, witty, chic, convincing, and gregarious.

6 Heaven Star:

Reliable, dignified, stubborn, straightforward, calm, organised, and rational.

5 T’ai Chi Star:

Bold, determined, self-centered, strong, capable, accomplished and tenacious.

4 Wind Star:

Emotional, easy-going, impulsive, open-minded, liberal, adaptable, and creative.

3 Thunder Star:

Active, rash, passionate, straightforward, outgoing, progressive, frank and ardent.

2 Earth Star:

Dedicated, helpful, service-orientated, dependable, conservative, observant and methodical.

1 Water Star:

Cautious, diplomatic, intuitive, independent, deliberate and self-certain.

To find out what your Birth Star is, visit Jon’s website.

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