Weekly Horoscope for February 10 – 16, 2020 | Gregory Scott Astrology

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Your Weekly Horoscope for 10 – 16 February 2020 – Monday 1:55 Tuesday 4:50 Wednesday 9:40 Thursday 12:43 Friday 17:12 Saturday 26:20 Sunday 30:29

The astrological influences for the week! 😊 Please like and share on your social media!

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With love and light, Gregory

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Michael Gongora says:


Sharon Curtis says:

I got Chills when I thought about what I am guided to do.(Exciting).

Diego Maco says:

Got the curve ball right in the face 😣

Q T says:

You look significantly more attractive every time I watch one of your videos

TheMatrix999 DIVINEORDER says:

lol. life is quite a joke,,, MARRIAGE is a relationship that is all about past life karma…partners reflect what we are on the subconscious level and good or bad…it is a mirror reflection what is needing harmony…planetary influences…we can recognize what it brings and then decide…to play this game or be victims of it…or just acknowledge why it is making one feel such emotions and decide not to take it too personally….if you do..then know it is a time to release what does to feel good. "keep out of harms way" it may not be your business.

Briggette Mihm says:

Freedom like that is priceless!


Thank you Gregory for your commitment to your followers…..Amazing beautiful and you are so charismatic! I always smile and talk to my laptop (um nooo not that way lol) when I listen to your readings…..you look fabulous and going back to your living digs has served you well! Thank you again!

Briggette Mihm says:

Im busy painting my apartment. Solidifying my independence! Happy being single. Hate wasting my time! Even if i am retired!3😅

nicole crystal says:

beautiful in black Danke, Uber reory !!!

Sc M says:

I am a sagittarius and I want you to know that we love you and we’re always excited to watch and listen to your advices, monthly, weekly or with any astrological event.

I’m also single, this Valentine’s Day again, ha, and, just like yourself, I’m totally fine with my own self and have no interest to hook up for the heck of having company and all that.

I love it, “ if you’re an ass, bye!”😂😂😂

Thank you for all your work!

Karen Tyndall says:

You are your own best friend. I love my own company too. Many people are co-dependent and can't be on their own. Be. Nice to meet someone like minded and who wants to be with a partner but interdependent- two happy people on an adventure. We can meet our own needs and a love interest can add to a great life! Happy Valentine's Day! xxx❤️❤️🌈🌈💐💐🌸🌸🌸💐💐💐💐❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

baipolago mayane says:

im in love with bob is he there for me

Trish Shanti says:

Thankyou, lovely reading. Universal love to you and all your viewers.

Fritaly land of Tarot and Truth says:

Been alone for a bunch of v days so I’m used to it. Anyway I should be starting my new job soon so I’ll be too busy with that and school’

Laurey Greider says:

You are so fabulous:-)! Funny brilliant wonderful teacher!!!

Wolfheart says:

And I'm a libra aries cap 🤣 sorry greg 🤓

Wolfheart says:

Well Tuesday happened on monday for me In the states and I let myself get hurt by something my guy friend unintentionally hurt me by something he posted this morning. 😑😫😒 imma dummy

Monica Roberts says:

Xcellent. Gave me a laugh too. Ur bound to meet someone ..Spring Time darlin'. Blessings ta 💋💋

Sneha Recites says:

Thank you 💐 You are so much better with your readings these days!

Sharon- Salem's Magick Shop says:

I laughed out loud several times during your reading!! 😂 loved your examples of what NOT to do on certain days! ❤️❤️❤️

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