When will I get a job via Vedic Astrology

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Finding a job through astrology or asking questions like When will I get a job to a jyotish will always result in a 50/50 bet because most astrologers cannot predict properly about timing of getting a job because this question is very hard to answer through astrology, because too many things are effecting your opportunity and lifestyle, most of which depends upon the country you life in and its laws.

This video discusses career in vedic astrology or getting a career in vedic astrology.

These videos are based on the ancient science of Vedic Astrology known as Jyotish in India. These programs are to educate everyone on the importance and accuracy of astrology why it still matters. Astrology is not so easy to understand and it’s not that difficult to master. But, there are some methods that were lost in pop culture astrology known as daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes. Vedic Astrology is not more about psychological reading but actual physical reading that also shows your exact timing of events like marriage, children, career, graduation, accidents, illness etc. This entire channel is hosted by me alone, Kapiel Raaj. Growing up with an uncle who was a Vedic Astrologer himself made it very easy for me to dive into the ocean of astrology and discover many secrets which I share with you on KRSchannel, the fastest growing astrology channel on you tube.

When some wants to know what planet in what house does what, or what planet in what sign does what, this is the channel they come to. I do not make regular weekly horoscope because unless your horoscope is present in front of me, giving you a general weekly horoscope is as good as suicide of astrology. It’s no longer predictive science. In my channel you will find videos that will never be outdated and will always apply to you alone. This astrology channel is like a encyclopedia of astrology. You can look at these videos in 50 years and they will still apply and work.

I take also do Celebrities horoscope with parody, combining my two passion of acting and astrology together which has become a hit on Youtube. I also do skits of zodiac sign compatibility which again is entertainment and education at the same time. This channel will make you a astrologer where you won’t need to go to anyone, but you will diagnose your problem yourself because no one has more vested interest in you than you.

What I bring to the table is the truth about astrology and astronomy of India.

I go into a few Astrological aspects that Twin Flames have. By no means is it complete and in the end it means nothing, You must create your reality, Astrology is merely a blueprint that YOU have chosen… YOU can Un-choose anything in your chart.
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KRSchannel says:
Rayschall1 says:

Come to Europe, you will be so frustrated!

KRSchannel says:

thanks for hitting the like button guys!

Lana Reese says:

Sir, you are awesome!!! I love the way you just say it like it is!

Grav S says:

DISAGREE IN Caps & Bold !!

cholldi says:

well said

Rajat Ukey says:

awesome thing said krs really india sucks the government family members
everyone just pressure u like pressurecooker or something really we need
REAL CHANGE in our country…!!!

Richard Saxe Coburg says:

So true, hate being in a job, need to stat my own thing, God…

rk10101 says:

For the first time I totally disagree with your concept of this topic! what
you say here is just against your hard work thru all the videos on
astrology as the same concept holds for every aspect of life… any time
any moment.. in that case entire purpose of studying astrology is futile!

Rakesh Thakkar says:

Off the track, but very important & Impressive. 

Barroco Tarot says:

Awsome video! And What are the countries with better opportunities o energy
to success? Thanks KRS! 

Not Google says:

fap fap fap

Crissy Mergard says:

So what advice would you give someone who like yourself that has had many
jobs. At the time im a play at home mom but I feel like I must prepare
myself for when my younger one goes to school. I like everything. But I’m a
bit critical on myself. I’ve been working with astrology but lack
confidence. How does on find a path that would lead to a peaceful 2nd. Half
in life. 

Harleigh Abel says:

I love your down-to-earth no b.s.answers. When I saw the title to this
video I was really curious how you were going to answer this question with

james bond Bond says:

Dear u have posted this video, but u have not disclosed about astrological
facts, then what is need of posting this video. I dont like this video of

rangarajan ks says:

this is “the best video” of yours ……great work sir

Morganna Lefay says:

I started by thinking I was going to go deep into the Astrology part but
decided against it. Twin Flames. It has little to do with and ideal Romance
or Lovers. It has little to do with sex and passion. SEx and romance is a
primal urge and it’s purpose is to keep the species alive. The twin flame
in it’s exquisite glory will teach you about Divine love, your unity with
the universe and that will ultimately come from within YOUR SELF. The twin
flame is a lesson in lonely-ness and this will teach you that YOU are never
really alone, that you are the universe and beyond pining for that perfect
lover you will discover you are perfect within your own self.
Besides this , if part of the formula of a Twin Flame’s purpose is to
effect the world, then it makes sense that an important marker would have
to be strong aspects in the COMPOSITE CHART. the sun conjunct pluto in the
composite chart would indicate the couple’s healing and transformative
power as a couple.

Ritchie Dotson says:

I am 29 and have been single 29 years. LOL not much dating. Came close a
few times. The guy I feel my twin flame (Im more of the feminine side) his
North node is Scorpio South node Taurus. My North is Taurus south node
Scorpio. His sun sign is Taurus (my north). His North node Scorpio is my
moon sign . Among the many things in our synastry chart our sun and moon
are triune , 8 triune s. 3 squares. Like 3 conjunctions. Such as Pluto conj
Mars. We are friends. The universe has helped us come together. In odd
ways. Lots of syncronisity. Simmular life experiences. VERY INTENSE. He is
also believed by many to be closeted. I could write a book.

Wahid Beta says:

Bonne courage …terminé votre succès. Bonne courage

Dervis Garip says:

Twins remember, living life to sender, wholesome, forward, love is all
observed, new language, new form, transcendence attached to each others

mshighconcept says:

Thanks for sharing! I really agree with what you said about your Twin Flame
awakening you to Universal consciousness and unconditional love (oneness).
The Universe speaks to me in number synchronisities all the time since
reuniting with him (we met in high school). And my Kundalini has been
activated for a little over a year now. However, the loneliness is painful
but I am thankful that our separation isn’t as bad as some of the other
stories that I’ve read. We are still able to spend time with each other but
only about 3-5 times a month. I have learned so much about myself and I
think it’s what god/source wanted me to know…. But as far as the
astrology goes… We have Pluto conjunct Ascendant in the composite and
Pluto conjunct sun in synastry. What is your opinion on that? (sun vs.
ascendant). I also use Tarot to help me navigate through this relationship
as well. According to the tarot’s advice, we are “glued” together by our
Saturn conjunction in Leo and to please Saturn (by doing service work) is
basically the best thing we can do to make this relationship as peaceful as
possible. Sorry for the long post….

anne irwin says:

Thank you for emphasizing two things:
A. The Free Will / Choice factor trumps Astrological Aspects (most
astrologers fail to point out this important fact)
B: Twin Flame partners will inspire an intense spiritual growth and
release of negative patterns, not mere attraction and desire to couple.

Gemini7 says:


Davida Patrick Moore says:

Great audio track. Thank you. Have been searching for opinions on this
subject. Our synastry blows my mind because everything and I mean
everything touches on the others chart. Sun/Sun, Moon/Moon,
Mercury/Sun/Venus/Mars, Venus/Venus, Venus/Mars, Mars/Mars,
Jupiter/Jupiter, Saturn/Uranus/Neptune, Neptune/NNode, Pluto/NNode,
NNode/Ascendent (for both). We’re still coming together and, for me, your
offering is soothing. I am strong and I am brave and the loneliness is oh
so real. But the value of this experience is awesome even in its
challenging becoming. Thank you.

Rosanna Ramos says:

My Neptune happens to be very afflicted. T-square, my Neptune in Capricorn
on the zenith with moon and Mars triple conjunction all T-square Jupiter,
sun and mercury. Both Jupiter and Neptune are retrograde. Me and my twin
have a lot of Uranus aspects, ppl think we are only friends. We look
awkward in public. A lot of Pluto in there too but opposition with
ascendant and Venus. Pluto in the sixth says we share bondage and pain, we
are in the same bonds of pain that transmutates the soul. Ours is not a
happy ending 

missmoloko says:

Hi Morganna, I was searching for info on Astrology and TFs, and I found
your video.

I met my TF in 2012, but I realized it several months after, coinciding
with the beginning of our physical separation.. then I realized that we had
several profound aspects on our synastry, like her Pluto conjunct my Venus
(0.02 degrees), Moons conjunct and her Sun just on the cusp of my 7th house
among others.. since then I have had vivid dreams, past life regressions
where we were together, lots of synchronicities and casual encounters with
her.. I have surrended totally to this love and I love her unconditionally,
and I thank the universe and God to help me to understand this connection
and to still have faith, do you know any other signs that can tell someone
is your TF? by the way, i’ts been some time now that I see 22 everywhere..

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